Hi! I’m Rahel, and I’m a researcher and an activist (and not necessarily an activist researcher… well, at least not all the time). So as the story goes, after working 10+ years in foreign affairs and international relations, particularly related to youth and students, I decided to pursue my masters. Prior to getting into a masters program, I took a freestanding course on postcolonial theory because I recognized some of the authors on the literature list and already possessed a couple of the books. It was only then that I discovered postcolonial theory; until then, I was living a postcolonial life and did not realize that I could analyze my perspective by applying such theories. Add the fact that I’m a feminist (and, of course, studied feminist theories), and BOOM! I’m now a PhD candidate in Global Politics. I do a whole bunch of other things too, so follow my blog and join me in this journey as I challenge the status quo through postcolonial feminist theory and perspectives.