Hey there! My name is Rahel Weldeab Sebhatu and I’m a master’s student of Global Studies at Lund University, majoring in political science. I have also taken many courses in Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES). While pursuing my bachelors in public administration at the University of Asmara, in Eritrea, I had initiated what would be a ten-year career in international affairs in a youth and student organization. Through that experience, I’ve been part of initiatives related to diaspora issues, gender, peacebuilding, Pan-Africanism, and youth policy, among other things. Consequently, my research interests include diaspora studies, postcolonial theory, postcolonial feminism, knowledge production, decoloniality, [youth participation in] peacebuilding, transnational activism, and resistance.

I am currently a project and research assistant at Lund Univeristy’s Department of Political Science within the research project ‘Gender-Just Peace and Transitional Justice’. I am also the editorial assistant for the international academic journal ‘Cooperation and Conflict’.

All things that I post on this website reflect my personal opinions and not that of the institution(s) I work(ed) for.


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